Hanna Ueda

Hanna Ueda is a photographer born in Tokyo in 1996. She recently graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA degree in Photography. Her photography is supported by wide-ranging multimedia ranging from collages, illustrations, paintings to film. By shooting primarily with 35mm film, Hanna Ueda captures diaristic and lyrical images of natural elemental subjects. Her work poetically visualizes personal recollections of her past, or concepts familiar with her Japanese culture and heritage. Through her photographic practice, she captures fleeting moments of natural landscapes, phenomenons, and objects painted in a transcendent and semi-lucid light. A lot of her works focuses on ideas of temporality and the divine through the notion of Shintoism, by capturing ordinary moments in life with a profound almost fantastical perspective. Her work induces a timeless aesthetic in the field of art, interwoven with visions of forgotten utopias and ethereal beauty.