Caro Campobello

Carolina Campobello was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 4, 1993. As a child she was interested in art as a way of expressing herself, experimenting with analog cameras of her family. She began her self-taught career exposing her works at independent cultural cycles and doing complementary courses. She is interested in merging art and fashion and believes in some way the costumes, make-up, and choice of characters complement her series, always being faithful to analog film while experimenting in a digital world, merging both techniques.

She contributes to local and international magazines such as Vice, Ignant, Lofficiel, DMAG, Fuuucking Young!, Hunger, Modisch, KALTBLUT, Sicky Mag, FGUK, Bullett, Nakid, S-Magazine, Cake Magazine, DRECK, Desphosphenes, BeRowdy, Cap74024, La Pompayira, Papercut, etc. 

"Several of my photos speak of non-identity, which is at a point related to the body. In many we can appreciate figures, bodies without a face or covered faces, and flexible and malleable bodies. This reflects the idea of the body as a simple container, the superficial suit that we see at first instance, and can mutate, change, transform, and be broken according to what happens inside; An internal expression channel. The concept or internal content is much more important, so the use of postures that go against what the eye normally expects. This is how I manage to break the natural scheme so that the viewer can clearly visualize the concept. I play with postures that go against gravity or we find people facing down, who seem to float in space. Bodies locked in suits, or that seem to suffocate. A quest to break the canyons to achieve something new that is equally beautiful from another perspective. The proposal of a parallel reality. For me, the body is a medium, as is photography, or painting. A means of expression not only in terms of body language but also how we decorate it, dress it and exaggerate for the outside, to communicate."